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About The Real Estate Classified
TheRealEstateClassified.com launched as a rival to the print newspaper industry in 2012. Fast forward 7 years The Real Estate Classified in the print newspaper is barely used while this service is still producing results steadily. Hundreds of investment property owners and FSBO are using this service time and time again because it works. 

If you have time click POST IT NOW to create an account, place an ad and watch. This service helps our clients avoid wasting time on the internet or answering emails to people not ready to do a transaction. Once an ad is posted we get to work doing what we do best, weeding out the lookers and getting buyers and tenants calling/texting.

If assistance is needed we're available 7 days a week during business hours! 732-952-5650.

The Real Estate Classified
Ph: 732-952-5650
Parlin, NJ 08859 US
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