Change of address

§ U.S. Postal Service 

§ Drivers Licenses – Vehicle Registration 

§ Internal Revenue (IRS)

§ Social Security 

Moving To Do short list:

Change of address

§ Voter Registration

§ Banks

§ Checks

§ Loans

§ Investments

§ Credit cards

§ Store credit cards

§ PayPal

§ Automated payments

§ Place of employment

§ Insurance

§ Doctors

§ Schools

§ Friends and family

§ Subscriptions

§ Associations

Services to cancel or transfer

§ Cable

§ Internet

§ Phone/cell

§ Electric

§ Gas

§ Water

§ Sewer

§ Trash

§ Landscaping

§ House cleaning

§ Pest control


§ Explain the move to the kids. Moving can be stressful for them, so it’s a good idea to discuss the moving process in advance and along the way.

§ Keep all your personal and financial documents in one box to keep with you(checkbook, passports, birth certificates, insurance docs, tax docs).

§ Update family medical records.

§ Notify both old and new schools and arrange for transfer.

§ Keep keys, garage openers in bag for new owners.

§ Keep a folder with warranties and manuals for new owners.

§ Plan meals to use up the food you have left.

§ Save all moving receipts — they may be eligible for tax deduction.
Packing and storage

§ Consider having a garage sale.

§ Pack infrequently used items ahead of time.

§ Reserve rental truck or movers.

§ Reserve storage unit if necessary.

Moving day

§ Arrange help for kids or pets for the day.

§ Have cash to tip movers.

§ Final cleaning.

§ Make sure trash is disposed of.

§ Run garbage disposal.

§ Do a walk through to make sure nothing is left 

§ Turn off water heater.

§ Lower shades.

§ Lock all the doors and windows

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